Staff Bios


Barbara Waites- Escrow Officer

Barbara Waites has been an escrow officer for approximately 50 years. She has lived in Brea for the past 45 years with her husband and 6 children. She enjoys reading, loves animals and spending time with her 8 grandchildren. The oldest of 9 siblings Barbara played a huge roll in raising her brothers & sisters all of which have taught her the meaning of the word PATIENCE. That in combination with the escrow knowledge she has acquired over the years makes her a one of a kind escrow officer. She is well respected and highly regarded as an escrow officer from both her colleagues and her customers. Barbara has a sincere love for helping others and it shows in her professional performance. Barbara has a wonderful peaceful way of handling all escrow issues. She can always bring reassurance and comfort to the most anxious of customers. With so many years in the escrow industry there isn’t much Barbara has not dealt with, whether it be a short sale, a 1031 exchange, or a standard sale, she can guide anyone through the transaction with a grace and accuracy that is unmatched.



Marriann Bohling- Escrow Officer

Marriann Bohling who was born and raised in Whittier, CA has been an Escrow Officer for over 20 years, most of which she has spent working in Brea, Fullerton, Placentia and Yorba Linda. She prides herself in her extensive knowledge of handling standard residential sales, short sales and REO’s. She wants to insure that you receive quality customer service, as well as, a smooth and successful escrow transaction. Marriann is committed to providing attentive service to every customer who walks into her office. She is always there to help ease her client’s fears, answer their questions, and help navigate them through the extensive escrow process.  Marriann enjoys the challenge escrow brings but she loves the challenge of raising four daughters. To her, FAMILY is the most important aspect of her life. When she is not at the soccer field or a cheer competition, she enjoys being outside in her garden, or baking with her girls.



Nadya Filatoff- Escrow Officer

A Southern California native Nadya Filatoff has worked in the Escrow Industry for over 10 years. She started her career as an escrow assistant and has worked her way up to a dazzling escrow officer who prides herself in her work ethic. Taking care of her clients is her #1 priority and is always looking out for their best interest. She is a refinance specialist and a resale expert with an extreme eagerness to continue to expand her knowledge of escrow. Her hobbies include traveling the world, spending time with her family, flying Cessna’s and jumping out of perfectly good airplanes!



Susan Daniel- Escrow Officer

Susan Daniel was born in Whittier CA. She has been working as an escrow assistant for over 5 years. Susan has successfully advanced to become a dedicated and hard-working escrow officer at Progressive Escrow. Susan feels blessed to be working a long side such wonderful and experienced people. She is constantly striving to give every progressive customer the best service available. Susan prides herself in her ability to learn and her hunger for knowledge. This ability has given her a vast knowledge of the escrow industry which has allowed her to assist in all facets of the escrow process. Susan will go above and beyond to assist he co-workers and her customers. When Susan is not working, she is enjoying married life and spending time with family and friends. Susan loves animals, as well as, watching sports, preferably football and basketball. GO LAKERS!!!!!



Debbie Pollard- Escrow Assistant

Deborah Pollard is a lifelong Brea resident. Deborah has work at Progressive Escrow since 2011. Recognizing the wonderful opportunity to work among such an extremely talented and knowledgeable team, she has taken the initiative to learn as much as she can about escrow, as quickly as possible.  Her background includes 10 years of retail management experience in a high-volume, fast- paced, customer service driven environment. This experience, coupled with her friendly helpful personality, is a perfect fit working in the field of Escrow. She and is currently taking escrow courses to help her master the various pieces of the escrow process.  Deborah is the proud mother of two boys, Blaine and Shane, and being their mother is what she is most proud of. She enjoys music, movies, cooking, and spending time with her friends and large family (she is one of six children and has over 30 first cousins on her mother’s side alone!). She is extremely creative and can often be found using her various talents to complete projects on her time away from the office


Cortney Joyner- Receptionist

Cortney was born and raised in San Jose CA where she was a patient and fun nanny for 5 wonderful active children. She has an Associate of Science Degree in Criminal Justice and graduated with high honors. Since joining Progressive Escrow, she has found a desire to take real estate classes and pursue her real estate license. She hopes one day that she will be able to have Progressive escrow to rely on as a quality escrow office, as she begins her real estate journey.  Cortney serves as a support to the escrow staff by answering phones and helping out where ever she is needed. She is friendly and has a kind demeanor about her that is welcoming to customers. In Cortney’s spare time she loves to go to Disneyland. She also really enjoys entertaining. She is a wonderful baker and excellent cook. She loves taking her 2 adorable pugs to the beach and spending time with her close friends.




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